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  • International & Domestic Classic Auto Shipping Guide From ASWD

    international classic car shipping companiesSo you’ve got a sweet classic ride and you spend ample amounts of time restoring, cleaning and maintaining it. Now, you’re preparing to make a move and need to move your baby across a copious distance. You don’t want to put all of those miles on it, so you may opt to have it shipped. However, a classic vehicle requires a different – and more detailed – level of preparation than other traditional vehicles when it comes to the classic car shipping process (and even more if you are shipping it internationally).

    While classic car shipping rates and classic auto transport quotes might be higher than regular cheap open air transportation services, these services can save you a lot of money should anything happen to your classic automobile.

    Find A Company That Specializes In Classic Car Shipping

    Don’t choose just any company to ship your classic car, find one that knows what they are doing with such a highly specialized and restored vehicle. Experience matters because they will know just how to handle your automobile and ensure that it is returned to you in the same condition that you shipped it. Classic cars can utilize a significant amount of resources to get them into peak condition, so you shouldn’t entrust it to just any fly-by-night company. A reputable company will know how to handle a classic car, be able to give you an exact idea of the transport procedure from start to finish with consideration for the fact that you have a specialized vehicle, should have great customer reviews and be in good BBB (better business bureau) standings.

    Prep Your Vehicle

    The onus is not solely on the transport company to get the car ready for transport. As a classic vehicle owner, some of that falls to you as well. Consider some tips to prepare for classic car shipping:

    • Remove loose parts: Any specialty parts that are attached to your vehicle to make it just that much more custom – from wheel coverings to specialty hood ornaments – should be removed, if possible. This reduces the risk of them being damaged or lost during transport.
    • Remove all interior items: The exterior removal applies to the interior of the vehicle as well. Most transport companies don’t cover items left inside of the car during shipping, so if something is lost or taken during classic car shipping, it won’t be covered by the company.
    • Check your insurance documents: Yes, the transport company should have coverage on your vehicle, but you should double check your own coverage as well. Make sure that the insurance company knows your classic car is being transported international; they may even opt to issue a special coverage rider in addition to your policy as a result to ensure that any damages sustained during transport are covered.

    Opt for Enclosed Classic Car Transport

    Open-air is not at all conducive to classic car shipping and should be avoided at all costs. The elements can quickly ruin a classic car paint job and you don’t want your vehicle exposed to the potential for other types of damaged from open-air shipping. Always opt for a temperature controlled environment and either enclosed or container shipping to fully protect your classic car. The more you can do to insulate your car during transport, the more likely it is that it will be moved from one place to the next without incident.

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