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  • Conducting A Thorough Background Check

    Shipping your vehicle is no laughing matter. Many movers worry that china or other small, fragile items will be damaged in a move. The nightmare of having a vehicle damaged, destroyed or stolen is truly horrific. How can you make sure your auto shipping company gets your vehicle to your new home safely? The answer begins with background checks.

    The Importance of Background Checks

    Moving scams are unfortunately quite common in the United States. The problem is that movers typically don’t have repeat customers. When a customer utilizes a regional business to move to another region, the business transaction typically only happens once. This opens the doors for despicable conmen to exploit the need for high quality movers. Knowing how to verify your mover is an important step in making sure that vehicle arrives safely.

    Compare Prices

    The first red flag to look for in an auto mover is the price. That’s why it is so important not to just select the cheapest vehicle moving company in your area. If you are being undersold, then extra verification will be necessary. Get at least three quotes from different movers before you ever make a phone call.

    Check FMCSA

    The U.S. Department of Transportation has set up a convenient website for consumers to check the status of a mover. As you interview potential carriers for your vehicle, ask for the company’s USDOT number, docket number, legal name, DBA name, and state where the company operates. Many businesses in Canada and Mexico may be verified as well. You can then plug that information into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Licensing and Insurance Public verification website.

    Ask for References

    Many consumers do not think to ask their mover for references. Obtain three references from the vehicle moving company. If they refuse to provide references, then move on. Once the references are provided, then call them. Do your due diligence: Your vehicle is at stake.

    Verify Contract Paperwork

    You deserve some form of guaranteed car transport quote in writing for the move of your vehicle. That does not necessarily mean you should demand a quick moving time, as many movers cannot guarantee turnaround time for the move of a vehicle due to the hefty logistics of moving a car, truck or motorcycle.

    Visit the Facility

    If possible, visit the mover’s facility to ensure they have a proper and functional storefront. Moving scams often are run by businesses that rent vehicles, substandard buildings, etc. The ideal vehicle moving company has a verifiable storefront, and will not be shady about showing off their business.

    No one likes the idea of putting his or her vehicle into a mover’s hands. The idea of being taken in a moving scam is terrifying, especially if the consequence may result in the loss of a huge investment like a vehicle. By following the steps above, however, you can help to ensure your vehicle is sent to your new home with no headaches. Compare prices. Check the FMCSA website. Ask for references. Get a quote in writing. Visit the facility if possible. You will be glad you took those steps.

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