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    It’s never easy to trust your automobile to another human being, much less leaving it in another’s care while shipping that vehicle. Choosing the right mover for your car, truck or motorcycle is one of the most important components of your move. Aside from your home, your automobile is typically your biggest tactile investment. How do you select a dependable car mover for your national or international move?

    The first place to start is research. Getting a number of bids, and then aggregating those bids, is not the end, however. If you’re going to entrust your precious investment, you need to verify they’re worth your time. Researching movers will help you look past the numbers, whether they’re inviting or not, and enable you to select a mover you can depend on.

    Gathering Bids

    As you get bids for your move, know that the easiest method is not necessarily the most effective one. The best method for selecting your mover only begins with online research, and Google or Yahoo are both great places to start your search. You want to establish a relationship, face to face if necessary, that helps you gauge your trust for the mover. Scam movers are all too commonplace, and they are dependent on customers that don’t verify the quality or veracity of a business before handing over the credit card. Get your bids via telephone if possible.

    Researching Movers

    Researching the company that may ship your vehicle is, naturally, much easier if that mover is domestic. Many online sites exist, some through US consumer reporting agencies, that help you determine if a mover is the genuine article or not. Internationally, verification becomes much more difficult.

    While you research, it is important to remember that building a relationship with the mover is key. Speak on the phone. Meet with them in person. Verify the business’s storefront. Verify where the labor is coming from. Verify the vehicles that will transport your auto.

    Shipping in the United States

    When a mover is scammed, the most common reason is a complete, non-tempered dependence on online resources for selecting a moving company. That research should be tempered with phone calls, person-to-person emails, and handshakes if possible. You can verify a mover utilizing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Licensing and and Insurance Public website. These methods of research will do you well as you verify which mover will ship your vehicle.

    International Vehicle Shipping

    Due to the massive variables involved in international car shipping, verifying the quality of an overseas auto shipper is more difficult. Online research becomes vital in these cases. However, it is still possible to verify the quality of a mover. Do you have any friends or work contacts in the international area you’re moving to? Perhaps they can help you verify the quality of a mover.

    The Lowest Bid Isn’t Necessarily the Best

    One of the least important factors in selecting a company to move your auto is auto transport pricing. If you simply go with the lowest auto transport quote you find, you are putting the quality of your auto move at considerable risk. The importance of quality moving company research cannot be overstated when selecting a mover to ship your vehicle.

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