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    cross country vehicle shipping mapSo you are either moving or travel across the country and have decided to take your trusty vehicle with you. Good choice, since having a vehicle to explore a new location can make your move or visit that much more enjoyable, and the costs associated with doing so are relatively cheap. However, cross country vehicle shipping takes more than a little planning. You not only want to work with a company that has a national scope, but also you want to plan things out so there is as little impact on your vehicle as possible.

    Opt For National Car Transport Company

    If you are going to be taking part in cross country car shipping – then it’s important to choose a company capable of getting your car from point A to point B safely. Cross country car shipping companies that ship nationally often employ drivers that have experience in this type of long distance shipping. Whether you are working with a company that will personally drive your vehicle to your destination or one that is moving it via tractor trailer, a national company has the capabilities to utilize the tools it takes to successfully engage in these services.

    Remember to always read reviews on any company that you are considering moving your car with, and don't always go with the company offering you cheap cross country auto transport services. Many times that company that quotes you the cheapest prices will also be the company who doesn't get your car to it's location by the deadline, brings the vehicle back with scratches, etc..

    Prepare Your Vehicle

    If you are planning to move your automobile cross country, there are things you can do to prepare it ahead of submitting it to the transport company. Some things, such as clearing out the interior of personal effects and reducing the fluids to lower levels to avoid major leaks, should be done no matter what the distance when you are shipping a vehicle. However, consider some of the things you should do, including:

    • Inform your insurance company of the transport: When your car is traveling such a long way, there is an increased risk of something happening to it, so your insurance company may want to issue a specialty rider in the event of an accident or mishap on the road.
    • Plan ahead in terms of mileage: In some vehicles, increasing the number of miles put on the vehicle can place a strain on some of the core systems. If you are having a transport company personally drive your vehicle, anticipate the miles that will be put on your vehicle and have it checked out ahead of time with the trip in mind.
    • Remove exterior accessories: The longer your car is being transported – such as on a cross country trip – the more likely it is that any exterior accessory on your vehicle that is not permanently attached may be damaged or lost. Avoid this scenario by removing any such item ahead of transport.

    Planning Matters

    The more you plan, the more successful your cross country auto shipping will be. Once your car arrives in your new locale, you can then be freed up to explore and establish where core businesses and services are so that you can properly settle in. This is the main benefit of transporting your vehicle across the country for extended travel or a permanent move.

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