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    Two questions typically drive the process of shipping a vehicle. First, there’s the bean counter question: How much does it cost? Second, is the question that reflects the insecurity many individuals feel when shipping a vehicle: How long will it take to ship my car?

    A car, truck or shipping a motorcycle represents not just a part of one’s personal identity, but a true essential component for living. When you move to a distant place, how can you get from your place of work and back without a vehicle? How can you travel and explore your new home? We are truly dependent on our motor vehicles, and our dependence drives us to know how long shipping a vehicle may take.

    Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for movers to guarantee transfer times for vehicles. Even businesses that specialize in moving cars, trucks and motorcycles into specialized areas have difficulty when it comes to guaranteeing shipping times. Let’s take a brief look at the factors that might determine how long it will take to ship your vehicle.

    Shipping Nationally

    For obvious reasons, shipping vehicles across the lower 48 greatly reduces the variables that affect your shipping time. Some car transport services exist that even guarantee delivery within three days.

    Driving Services – Some vehicle moving services offer to personally drive your car, truck or motorcycle from old home to new. Many individuals would rather have the vehicle shipped, however, to avoid wear, tear and the risk of accidents.

    Physically Shipping Your Vehicle – Vehicle delivery services rarely guarantee shipment time of a vehicle across the United States. Many business broadly estimate delivery dates in the lower 48 states ranging from 1 to 14 days. Speaking individually with shipping companies, ensuring complete research and verification first, is ideal before selecting a business to ship your vehicle.

    Shipping Overseas

    International vehicle shipping, especially overseas to Europe, Asia, Austrialia or South America, introduces a massive set of variables that makes it impossible, even for high quality international vehicle shipping companies, to accurately estimate shipping times. The location, customs and shipping regulations, and distance from the nearest port to your new home are the typical factors that govern the shipping process. The tips below may help a great deal as you plan on shipping your vehicle across the pond.

    Select Shipping Companies As Early As Possible – During any international move, it is vital to work months in advance. Ideally, your international vehicle shipping company should be identified half a year early.

    Identify the Port Closest to Your Destination – You need to know where your vehicle is going. If you are moving to a relatively remote location, you may have to plan on travelling to the port and picking up the vehicle yourself.

    Study Regulations and Costs – Regulations, costs, and quarantine issues differ incredibly from nation to nation. They will be key determinants in the speed with which you reunite with your car, truck or motorcycle.

    Can Shipping Times Be Guaranteed?

    Guaranteed shipping times for vehicles are extremely rare. If you discover a company that guarantees a shipping time for your vehicle, do extra research into that company’s validity. Checking the shipper’s reputation for customer service, delivery, efficiency and effectiveness are far more important than guaranteeing the shipping time of your vehicle.

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