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    Two words should sum up your goal as you select an interstate moving company: be picky. Verify prices. Get the estimate you want. Go to the FMSCA website and make sure the moving company is operating legally. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed, and request references from the moving company.

    Most of all, however, you want to verify the company’s policies beforehand in three main categories to ensure a stress-free move. The estimate is a key factor in your customer service experience down the road. It’s also important that the company commits to handling your property with loving care.

    Interstate Moving Estimate

    Moving companies offer three types of estimates: non-binding, binding, and binding not-to-exceed. A non-binding estimate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on: the moving company is not obligated to hold to the price offered. If you’re offered a non-binding estimate, pass. A binding estimate is a hard number: the mover is required to charge you that price and, once the move is completed, you’re required to pay it. The best estimate, however, is binding not-to-exceed. This estimate sets a price cap on the move. Best of all, if the company ends up spending less overhead to complete your move, then you pay less.

    Interstate Moving Services

    Does the moving company you’re interviewing offer what you want? If you’re moving out of state, will they transport your vehicle? Will the company insure your goods at full value, or will you need to purchase third party mover’s insurance? Do you need the company to pack for you? Will the company move your goods the distance that you require? It’s vitally important to ask if subcontractors will be involved as well. You want a full-service company that won’t hire outside labor in order to guarantee quality and continuity of service.

    Handling The Move

    There’s nothing as satisfying as a mover that finishes the job. Quiz your moving company candidate to see if they will go the extra mile during your move. Will the movers install and hook up your appliances? Will your goods be moved to the correct room in your new home, or will your dozens of boxes be placed at random, forcing you to decipher where everything goes? What packing materials will be used to guarantee a damage-free move?

    Moving companies don’t have a lot of repeat clients; it’s the nature of the business. That puts the onus on you to determine the quality of your moving company ahead of time. By verifying the type of estimate you will receive, getting a complete list of services offered, and finding out how a company will handle your move, you’re far more likely to find a moving company that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

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