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    RV shippers - recreation vehicle transport servicesYes, when you purchased your RV, chances are that you had every intention of driving it everywhere you wanted to go. But sometimes, you want – or need – to get to other areas of the country without making the drive yourself and when this happens, you may need to book RV transport to make it happen. There are a number of RV shipping companies available that can offer this service. RV transport is more affordable and easy to find than you may think. The hard part for you is preparing this vehicular behemoth for transport.

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    Benefits of RV Transport

    Not only does it make it possible to get wherever you need to go in a hurry, but also you can save miles on your RV by having it shipped with RV transport in a carrier or by rail/train. Companies that specialize in this type of transport can move it on a trailer that gets your RV from one point to the next without it incurring any extra mileage. If this is not a consideration and you want a more personalized form of transport, then hiring a transport company to move it for you is best.

    Prepping your Recreation Vehicle

    So, you’ve decided to transport this large vehicle and are not quite sure of how to get it ready to go. Consider a few tips:

    • Remove all personal items from the vehicle: This might seem like a fairly tedious task, but since the RV transport company is not responsible for the contents of the RV, this ensures that nothing is taken or damaged during transport.
    • Make sure tires are in good condition: The last thing you want is for the transporter moving your RV to blow a tire on the highway. Make sure your tires have good air pressure and are in good condition.
    • Close all windows, door and latches and make sure they are secure: The last thing you want is for a window to break or a door to go flying open while the RV is being transported on the trailer.
    • Check all fluids in the RV if it is being driven: You want to ensure the best possible ride for your transport driver and don’t want the RV to break down during transport (this could incur extra charges to you for the inconvenience during RV transport). Have a mechanic do a standard check on it ahead of travel, which is prudent any time you put your RV on the road.

    Inform Your Insurance Provider

    Just to be on the safe side, inform your insurance company of the move ahead of time. Yes, the company should have coverage, but you should have personal coverage, as well. It is the combination of the two that will serve as a safeguard should anything go wrong during the transport process. This way, the company is ready to help with a claim should something happen to your RV during the move and they can apprise you of any special paperwork you or the transport company may need to fill out to ensure proper coverage.

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