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    When it comes to doing anything with a Mercedes Benz, chances are you take your time and consider every detail so as not to adversely affect such a beautiful piece of machinery. This is particularly true of shipping a Mercedes, as you likely want to take every possible step to ensure that your vehicle comes back to you in the exact condition in which it left. Consider a few tips on shipping this precious cargo so that it is returned to you with nary a scratch:

    Opt For Enclosed Shipping

    When you are shipping a luxury vehicle – or even a classic or customer vehicle of any kind – then you want to go with container or enclosed shipping. For a Mercedes, this is going to be your safest method of transport because it protects the paint job and overall exterior of the vehicle from the elements. This means if the transport is taking place in the harsh winter months or the rainy summer months, or even during periods of extreme heat, your vehicle won’t be left to the whims of the weather, no matter what. For an expensive Mercedes model, it is well worth any extra cost associated with a more exclusive shipping method.

    Find a company that specializes in transporting luxury vehicles

    After all, experience counts anytime a vehicle is involved, from selling luxury vehicles to driving them. Why shouldn’t you look for the best when it comes to shipping your car? Seek out a company that specializes in transporting Mercedes brand vehicles. This way you know your car will get the treatment it deserves during the shipping process, from start to finish.

    Prepare your Mercedes for transport

    Take off any exterior accessories, clean out the interior completely and lower all fuel levels to about a quarter. This not only lowers the cost of shipping, but the less your transport company has to monitor – from high fluid levels to personal effects in the car – the better and more smooth a transport you can expect. In fact, most transport companies will require this step to be taken, no matter what mode of transport you opt for.

    Ship and receive your car during the daylight hours

    Doing this gives you plenty of light in which to look your Mercedes over before you drop it off and once it has been returned to you. Receiving it, in particular, during the daylight hours ensures that you can see any new scratches or dents that may be on your vehicle after transport and handle the situation accordingly.

    The more proactive you can be when shipping your Mercedes-Benz, the more likely it is that you will get your car back without incident. However, since it is a more expensive brand and chances are, you want to have some peace of mind during the shipping process, it is important to mitigate even the potential for damage by taking steps with the company of your choosing as well as your personal preparation to ensure a smooth transport process.

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