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  • How To Ship Your Car Across Country When Moving

    shipping vehicles across country - highway routesA move of any kind can be a stressful experience. After all, you are literally taking your life and uprooting it to a new place. However, moving cross country can be an entirely different experience, one that is infinitely more stress-inducing. The more pre-planning you do and the more you can take off of your plate, the more likely it is that you will have a successful move that will be the start of a new life in your new destination.

    Get Your Car Out Of The Way

    Auto transport across the country can make the process of moving run so much more smoothly, you may wonder why you don’t just ship your vehicle everywhere you go. Having your car out of the way by transporting it across the US may make you wonder why you ever considered driving it (if you did). And fact is, that the rates/quotes/prices/costs won't be nearly as much as you think.

    This type of automobile transportation will take care of getting your car across the country in any number of ways. If you are particularly skittish about the transport process, you can have a professional drive it on your behalf, while you either opt to fly to your new destination or drive a moving truck (if this is a do-it-yourself kind of move).

    Another option is to have your car transported via tractor-trailer across the United States, which takes a bit longer but is much more economical. This method involves placing your vehicle on a trailer with others to get it moved across a long distance, all at once. It is also known as open air shipping and is best for traditional vehicles.

    However, you can also use enclosed container shipping to move a specialty car across America – such as a classic, custom or exotic vehicle. This provides a more controlled environment in which to get your car from one point all the way to the next. Another good option is to ship your car across the country by train.

    If you are shipping vehicles across the border, use an international car shipping company.

    Before using any auto shipping services be sure that you read plenty of reviews on the company that you are planning on transporting your car with.

    Bundle Services Where Possible

    When you are moving across the country, keep a few extra tips in mind:

    • Bundle moving and transport services when possible: You can save a pretty penny by finding a company that does a little bit of everything as they may be willing to offer you a package deal for shipping cars and furniture across country.
    • Don’t try to do it all yourself: You may find that in the end, you are much too run-down to even enjoy exploring your new locale.
    • Go out to your destination a few times before moving: This gives you a chance to identify where nearby services may be that are key to everyday living. Think: the grocery store, your bank, transport routes, etc. and other elements key to being new in a big city.

    Plan Ahead

    Book shipping your car across country ahead of time, so that when the big day comes to move, you aren’t scrambling to cover last minute details. Often, anything you try to do last minute is going to be infinitely harder and ten times as expensive.

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