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  • Your Options When Shipping A Vehicle

    We all know that a move requires shipment of most household goods, but have you considered how your vehicle is going to make it to your final destination? Consider these options as you plan your next move:

    Driving the Car to your Final Destination

    Of course, you always have the option of driving to your new home, but when your new home is located clear across the United States, driving yourself may actually be more costly. Not only should you consider the price of gas, but also consider the wear and tear a long trip will put on your vehicle, the number of days you’ll be driving that you could be working, and the extra hotel and restaurant costs incurred by a cross country road trip. You may be better off entrusting your car to a vehicle shipping company and taking a flight to your final destination.

    Shipping Carrier vs. Shipping Broker

    With the thousands of shipping companies available online, how do you know which one to choose? Choose a carrier company rather than a broker. A broker is the middleman that books your move then finds a company to perform the move. A carrier company both books and performs the move. They can guarantee the original price, moving date and transit time since everything’s arranged by the same organization.

    Open vs. Enclosed Shipping

    Open transport options are commonly used since they tend to be less expensive. Since open transit truck beds are open to the elements, you’ll need to weatherize your car if you’re moving to a new climate.

    Enclosed car shipping allows your vehicle protection from rain, snow, or other conditions that may come up during the trip. Since enclosed transport is definitely more expensive, you may want to consider using it only if your vehicle is a high-end model.

    Operable Cars vs. Inoperable Cars

    Be sure to let your shipping company know if your car cannot be driven. Inoperable vehicles take special equipment to be loaded onto the truck bed. Of course, if your car is working properly, it can simply be driven into place, parked and secured.

    Door-to-Door vs. Terminal-to-Terminal

    Door-to-door transportation is by far the most convenient. Your car will be picked up at your home or workplace then delivered at your final destination. Door-to-door is usually more expensive, and some restrictions may apply.

    Terminal-to-terminal shipping requires you to drive your car to a local storage location for pick up. It will be delivered to another storage location close to your new home. While this option may be less convenient for you, it’s also less expensive.

    Choosing Your Best Option

    When it comes to moving your vehicle, you have many options to consider. From the least expensive open method with terminal-to-terminal delivery to the most expensive enclosed method with door-to-door delivery. Considering the make and model of your car may help you make a decision, especially if you have a more expensive vehicle. These types of vehicles may benefit from an enclosed shipping method, whereas typical vehicles fare well in open shipping conditions.

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